Why is visiting our customers our priority?

//Why is visiting our customers our priority?

Today is the first day of the British Gastroenterology Society Annual Meeting, however, after many years supporting the meeting, this year, Partners for Endoscopy have taken the decision to focus on bringing the latest in endoscopy directly to our customers, rather than exhibiting. This has been primarily down to the reduction in numbers of nurses attending the meeting and the increasing numbers of customers who are saying that the cost and requirement to use annual leave to attend has put them off going.

“As a company who have always worked closely with our customers, it’s important that we listen to what they want. In this case, we are receiving feedback about the meeting and having preferences for visits directly to endoscopy units rather than exhibitions”, explains Rob, Managing Director. “this year we have been researching and developing even more new products to improve patient safety and our customers tell us it’s far easier to see the benefits of these in use in their endoscopy suites, so that’s what we’re focussing on”, Rob concludes.

Our sales partners are all regionally based and are more than happy to arrange to visit your endoscopy suite.

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